Welcome to CSS Galore, a one way stop for all your CSS3 needs. These tools were created as a way to boost my own productivity while working on webisites, and are now packaged as a set of tools for everyone to use. Use the navigation to find the tools you need or contact me in case you have any questions.

CSS Galore

This set of tools was created by me, for my own needs. That being said, there may be some bugs and issues depending on the browsers you use the generated code in. If you have any suggestions or questions you can send me an email over the contact form or open an issue on GitHub.
In case you like the tools or you have some ideas on how to improve them feel free to star or fork me on GitHub or just open an issue. I will try my best to fix any problems you found. In case you just want to show your appreaciation you can spread the word by sharing the tools via Facebook or Twitter.

Future Plans

New Tools
Currently this collection of tools has the most common div and text styling tools. I plan to add tools for color manipulation such as gradient generator, and some ui color sets. As mentioned above, if you have ideas on how to improve existing or ideas regarding tools that could be added you can contact me via contact form or GitHub.
Google Chrome Extension
My ultimate goal for this set of CSS3 tools is to create an extension for Google Chrome to allow the user to style selected DOM Elements on the page directly from the browser which would allow them to experiment and see the changes to their website in real time. Once the user is satisfied with changes he/she can copy the generated code to their css file. This extension for now, exsists only as an idea!


You like the tools? Really? (●´ω`●) A share on Facebook or a Tweet would be more than appreaciated! If you, however find it too bothersome to do any of the two even using the tools is enough. However if you realy enjoy them and want to show your appreaciation you can use this attractive orange button to buy me a cup of coffe.